Health And Fitness Training – Fitting Fitness Into Your Busy Day


When it comes to health and fitness training time is always a problem. Some of us are busy, some of us are busy, some of us are busy and we don’t even know where to turn. Do you sound familiar? If you are the type of person who is traveling on the minute the alarm goes off in the morning until the minute your head hits the pillow at night this article is for you. If you have kids who eat all your time and dream of a little time for you, this article is for you. If you really want to qualify but some obligation makes it almost impossible for this article to be yours.

Here’s the good news, resilience doesn’t take long. You need to address two areas of your life; exercise and diet. In fact, if you delay exercising, a portion of the diet will have a profound effect on your exercise. Think about it, if you do not have time to burn calories then you need to cut them out of your diet.

Wait a minute! You probably realize that food is one of the main sources of entertainment for your busy day. I agree with you, it should be so. Eating well is better and more enjoyable. Otherwise you will lose your food. So understand what I mean, you will eat well but you should also enjoy your meal. I’m not talking about extreme hunger or overeating when you avoid carbs or fats at all costs. Your diet should be balanced.

Here are a few golden rules for food:

  1. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day
  2. Avoid processed foods
  3. Avoid sugary foods

Here’s a final tip, if you are the fast food type because you are busy, just make the best choice. Order water instead of pop with your food. Have a salad instead of frying with your burger or sandwich. Have honey instead of sugar in your coffee. All of these small decisions in everyday life will add up over time. Think about it, you may have been saving 5 to 10 pounds a year for a few years. There is not much weight during the year. This slow increase in oil has been the result of all these small decisions. So you do not need to make big changes to regain your weight gain.

Regarding the fitness routine do one set of the following as you get up in the morning and just before bedtime:

  1. Push up
  2. Lungs (Take a long step to stand and make 1 set on each side)
  3. Crunches (Remember to hold your hands with your ears, do not tie them behind your head – do not pull your neck while doing this)
  4. IF YOU FEEL WANTED – Chin ups (you can find a chin pad on the door frame for about $ 20 at most sports stores)

If you follow a simple fitness routine like the one described above you will definitely get stronger. This will result in a smoother and smoother body. As you lose weight and lose fat you will expose this new toned body.

Exercise programs do not have to be an hour or two. It can also be short and fun if it is the only thing you have time to do. The important thing is to do something to keep your body strong and healthy. One day in the future you may have a free time joining a gym or running club or whatever you like to do. When that day arrives you will be ready because this little exercise program and snack have finally kept you fit.


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